Expert Con-Cock-Tion

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Expert Con-Cock-Tion

Dr. Cathy Heaven is doing advanced research to create a solution of vigor… and who better to test her concoction on than her hot, young intern Danny D? While the first two attempts have terrible side effects, the third time’s the charm, giving Danny a massive erection Dr. Heaven just can’t resist! (Video duration: 33 min)

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Car Double Trouble

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Girlfriends Alice Fabre and Cathy Heaven love having a little bit of naughty fun, even when they are having car trouble. When Lutro arrives valiantly to their aid as they wait on the side of the road, these beauties begin softly kissing in front of him! As the shock sets in, Lutro decides to see how far they are willing to take this, so he brings his new friends back home with him. As they undress out of their skimpy clothes, Alice licks and caresses Cathy’s massive breasts before the two of them promptly wrap their pretty mouths around Lutro’s large cock! As Cathy slides every inch of his stiff dick inside her wet pussy, Alice gently presses hers up against her blonde lover’s pouty lips. All the distraction needed to steal Lutro’s phone and wallet before heading out!

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Three's A Crowd

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Stefanie Moon‘s father has stood her step-mother Cathy Heaven up, claiming that he has to work late. Feeling sorry for her, Stefanie invites her to join her and her boyfriend on their date night. Cathy accepts the invitation and things get heated over dinner and flirty glances. Cathy quickly spices things up by putting the moves on her step-daughter when they’re suddenly interrupted by the boyfriend. They say three’s a crowd but when everyone gets involved in the hot action-three seems a lot more like company.

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Lovely Day For An Orgy

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There’s nothing like spending the summer surrounded by busty babes in skimpy bikinis chilling poolside. While soaking up some sun, these filthy sluts just want to fuck! Beautiful nympho Cathy Heaven decides to get the party started, so she walks over to the pool and pulls out the first guy she sees to immediately start sucking his cock! Kira Thorn and Esperanza Del Horno suddenly find themselves staring down a massive dick for them to share with their slutty friend Sicilia! These three chicks can’t wait to suck dick, and while taking turns, they kiss and make out! Feeling a little left out, and not wanting to share, the beautiful and busty Katrina Moreno finds herself another big dick and immediately begins putting her thick, dick-sucking lips to good use! With the girls all sucking cock, it’s not before long that their pussies become dripping wet and eager for those dicks to pound them poolside! With such beautiful sluts chilling by the pool, it’s a good thing that today was such a lovely day for a massive orgy! These whores want all their holes stuffed, but there’s not enough cocks to go around, so these nasty sluts will just have to learn to share!

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Cathy Heaven teaches Nesty about sex.

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George visits and finds Cathy Heaven in the house with Nesty and her friend kissing and teaching them about sex. George acts upset and threatens to tell the authorities, but she tells him that she will show him her pussy to make it up, to which the man accepts. (Video duration: 38 minutes)

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Sensual Shevasana

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Slim teen Tera Link is practicing yoga alone in her bedroom when Cathy Heaven waltzes in. Oddly enough, Tera’s buxom new stepmom is wearing a turquoise sports bra and skin-tight leggings too. You see, Cathy wants to help in a very hands-on way! After stretching out her stepdaughter’s body, she asks if Tera yearns to touch her big fake tits, because she’s always stealing glances at them. Those tender caresses soon become a naked shevasana in 69! When Tera’s boyfriend Nick Ross catches them, the bisexual babes seduce him for a sweaty threesome. After a double blowjob, Cathy bends the couple’s bodies into orgasmic positions, enlightening Tera and Nick to every exotic pleasure in the Kama Sutra.

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No Drawing Penis

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Anina Silk was bored out of her mind in the middle of class, so she started doodling her favorite thing, dicks! Her teacher Cathy Heaven called out for Anina and startled her, making her drop the drawing. A classmate then picked it up and yelled when she saw what it was. Anina quickly grabbed the drawing and tried to hide it. By this time, her teacher was in her face telling her to give up the paper. Cathy asked Anina to stay after class once she saw what it was. She put her to write lines on the chalk board about not drawing penises in class. The teacher then sat at her desk and started noticing Anina’s awesome bubble ass she wrote away on the board. She even grabbed a ruler and lifted up her skirt without her noticing to check out her sweet ass. That’s when she decided to go get her strap-on out of the drawer and put it on. Cathy turned to Anina and asked her if she was really into fat cocks. That’s when Anina saw the strap-on and covered her mouth in shock. The teacher told her to come to her, and student Anina obediently came and started playing with the strap-on before dropping down on her knees to suck it. Before long, Cathy had Anina bent over the desk and fucking her hard. Don’t miss this naughty schoolgirl loving every moment of her carpet munching after-school activity with her teacher!

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A Fistful Of Heaven

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Danny’s hooked up his hot friend Cathy Heaven with a job at a bar, but she’s not interested in bar work. All she wants to do is fuck Danny, even if they get caught. He tries to show her the ropes, but she teases him into a sneaky fuck right in front of their boss! Looks like the start of a great working relationship.

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